Multimedia Zenko


Zenko is an instrument of the family of steel tongue drums which allows a music game very intuitive and accessible to the greatest number. With this multimedia section you can discover different uses in various musical contexts.

Many artists, musicians, educators and art therapists are regularly pleased to unveil new possibilities with Zenko. Feel free to visit this page to discover new publications of videos and sounds on the world of steel tongue drum, the handpan and all musical instruments invented or developed in our workshops. The Zenko belongs to the family of steel tongue drums, also known as “tank drums” because this kind of instruments were first made out of propane tanks. The Metal Sounds team has spent a lot of time and energy to create a finely crafted and reliable stainless steel tongue drum. In addition to a high sound quality, we have created a unique hope and design, inspired by our handpan Spacedrum©, for our first steel tongue drum line.


Zenko Ionien by Balaphang

Zenko Pygmy by Balaphang

Zenko Equinox by Maurizio Lampugnani and Poldo Sebastiani 

Zenko Equinox by Maurizio Lampugnani and Poldo Sebastiani 

Zenko Akebono by Maurizio Lampugnani and Poldo Sebastiani 

Zenko Penta C by Maurizio Lampugnani and Poldo Sebastiani 

Performed and recorded by : Maurizio Lampugnani and Poldo Sebastiani (Follow Maurizio Lampugnani on Facebook) ; Balaphang (Follow Balaphang on Facebook).


Zenko Ionian (hands)

Zenko Penta C (mallets)

Zenko Akebono (hands)

Zenko Equinox (mallets)

Zenko Solstice (mallets)

Zenko Pygmy (mallets)

Zenko Omega (hands)

Performed and recorded by Marc Guilliou (Team Metal Sounds) with a ZOOM H4 and no special effects.