We did it again!

For the 3rd time in a raw the Metal Sounds’ team was on its booth during the 4 opening days of the Frankfurt Musikmesse. In this new venue, into the new halls, the number of exhibitors and visitors was obviously less impressive than it used to be. But quantity doesn’t replace quality and we had the pleasure to meet a lot of people very interested in our musical instruments (Spacedrum, Steeldrums and Zenko).

If the Zenko is now distributed in more than 30 countries (see the dealers map locator) it’s also thanks to the Musikmesse, the unavoidable annual appointment for all the professionals of the sector. It’s always an opportunity to meet our partners and to have new contacts too. This year we met distributors and resellers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany of course, but also from Turkey, Israël, Iran, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and more!… Now time will tell and maybe you’ll shortly find some Zenko in a shop in Seoul or in Shanghaï.

We have also met our partners distributors, like Afroton (Germany), Dick Visser (Netherlands), Dunum (Switzerland), Kalimba (Israël), Sans Luthier (Spain), Avadis Music (Armenia, Iran, UAE) and Samba Import/Export (Australia). Of course we had some good biers and hot sausages, that was great moments. Thank you guys for being there and visiting our stand, we’ll be back!!