The Zenko: musical instrument beyond borders

Zenko is available in more than 35 stores worldwide, as well as on the Internet and Amazon (For US, Canadian and Mexican customers). Accessible, intuitive, harmonious, resistant and borderless! Discover 7 reasons to adopt a Zenko! Whatever your level!

The music theory is’nt necessary. You can quickly develop your creativity!

Fabrication artisanale 100% française


1. Accessible for everyone

ZENKO easyThe spirit of our team is to allow access to a unique musical experience for the greatest number of people. This steel tongue drum is an instrument that allows you to discover your hidden talents with intuitive ranges.

The game of Zenko is playful. It can be used in a multitude of contexts of use: musical awakening, well-being, theatrical creation, soundtrack, composition, etc.

Getting started with Zenko is fast. With the chopsticks you will always have sound and a wide range of shades. However, the game without hand or all possible play techniques become time over time.

2. Good value for money

ZENKO priceZenko is the combination of industrial technologies and handmade finishes.

All this for a professional and innovative result, which remains affordable for a hand-tuned instrument.

3. Handmade 100% French

ZENKO made in FranceAll steps of manufacturing your Zenko are important to our team.

The Zenko is designed, manufactured, assembled, tuned and fully finished in France.

4. Resistant

ZENKO résistantThe Zenko is resistant by nature! Preserving your musical instrument in good condition for as long as possible is a challenge. To meet your needs, our steel tongue drum is made entirely of stainless steel. So, your Zenko will not rust.

Its thickness of 2.5mm also guarantees the stability of tuning over the long term, under normal conditions of use.

5. Mobile

ZENKO travelA major asset for this melodic percussion, the Zenko is easily transportable. Its format and weight make traveling safe.

Very practical thanks to its small space of encumbrment, the Zenko will be the friend of all the travelers.

6. Suitable for sound therapy, meditation and well-being

ZENKO yoga meditationThe strong vibratory potential of Zenko places it directly as an ideal instrument for pedagogy and in the fields of relaxation and well-being. The sound of Zenko allows interaction between sound and your body. Also this percussion musical instrument is available in two tuning frequencies.

The 10 ranges of Zenko are available to the standard tuning pitch A (La) = 440Hz or to the natural tuning fork A (La) = 432Hz according to your choice.

7. Customers service

ZENKO customer serviceMarc and the Metal Sounds team are available to answer all your questions. Whether it’s before buying your Zenko and accessories, or when using it. You can trust our responsiveness and effectiveness in case of problems.

+ 1 VIDEO “Cuba linda” – Maurizio Lampugnani- Zenko Harmony