Do you like sound of handpans and steel tongue drum? Are you curious to know more on how to purchase your Zenko® and Spacedrum®?

Discover 11 important things to know about Spacedrum® handpan and Zenko® steel tongue drum

1. What are the differences between Spacedrum® and Zenko®?

Spacedrum handpan & Zenko steel tongue drum

  • → Spacedrum® and Zenko® are produced with passion in France in the workshops of the craftsman Metal Sounds.
  • → Both instruments are created in a metal specifically tailored for music.
  • → The Spacedrum® is part of the handpan family, as the famous Hang®. It’s played mainly with the hands and sometimes with special wands. The Spacedrum® is tuned by hammering.
  • → While the Zenko® is part of the steel tongue-drums family and is played either with chopsticks or with hands, Zenko® is tuned by cutting.

2. How long does it take to get a Spacedrum® or Zenko®?

  • → Your handpan Spacedrum® is available within 10 months of your order. This delay is the consequence of a very strong demand.
  • → The Zenko® steel tongue-drum is available immediately after your order has been validated. The delivery time varies according to the specific destination.

3. Can you deliver my instrument around the world?

  • → We can deliver a Spacedrum® and a Zenko® worldwide, except for a few exceptions such as North Korea.

4. What are the terms of payment?

  • → You can buy a Spacedrum or buy a Zenko by bank transfer or by credit card (Visa and MasterCard).

5. How do I choose my Spacedrum® and Zenko® model?

  • → Spacedrum® chromatic 13 notes is intended for advanced and advanced musicians.
  • → Zenko® ranges and the Spacedrum® ranges are more intuitive. The pentatonic, diatonic and harmonized ranges are much more intuitive and do not require the learning of solfeggio. The choice therefore depends on your musical tastes.
  • → Instruments are available with tuning to the standard tuning pitch La = 440Hz or to the natural tuning fork La = 432Hz according to your choice.

6. Can I get a customized instrument?

  • → Yes! You can have the instrument of your dreams with a tailor-made range for your Zenko or Spacedrum®. But our team will have to validate above all the feasibility of your request, by contacting us before ordering via

7. How do I maintain my Spacedrum® and my Zenko®?

  • → For aesthetic maintenance: a white wax for the Spacedrum® and a special spray for Zenko®. The products of maintenance are available on our website and according to the conditions of the countries of expedition.

★ Watch video on aesthetic maintenance of a Spacedrum® (in French) ★

8. How to tune a handpan or steel tongue drum?

  • → Although made of metal, handpans are fragile instruments that can detangle themselves due to shock or important temperature change. Contact us by email or phone for general terms and conditions for this service.
  • → Zenko are’nt supposed to have this need.

9. Are my Spacedrum® or Zenko® guaranteed?

  • → Our instruments have a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.
  • → A 3-year warranty on welding.

10. Where can I try a Spacedrum® and Zenko®?

Discover the map of the showrooms to test your future Spacedrum®.

Discover the map of showrooms to try out your future Zenko®.

11. How to learn how to play handpan and steel tongue drum?

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  • → Watch videos available on Youtube and Facebook.

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