Play, maintain, protect and carry your Zenko

Considering the high quality of our steel tongue drums we have decided to include a full range of specially designed accessories (Deluxe bag, mallets and support ring).

Furthermore, several add-ons are available: a collapsible and adjustable stand to play the Zenko standing-up, a bag to protect it and a special oil spray designed for steel cleaning and protection.


Mallets | buy online !


Mallets in wood and rubber tips (shore 50). Size: 25 cm (10″)


Support ring | buy online !


Support ring in foam (EPDM). Diameter: 14 cm (5″1/2)


Deluxe bag | buy online !

Zenko steel tongue drum bagbag

Deluxe padded bag with handle, shoulder strap and pockets (for the support ring and the mallets).


“Charlotte” | buy online !


Cover in cotton with embroidered logo.


Stand | buy online !

Zenko tongue drum stand 

Dedicated Zenko chromed steel stand. Clamp height and tilt adjustments.


Deluxe Oil spray | buy online !

Care Oil for Zenko

Stainless steel cleaner and care lubricant. “Deluxe Oil” spray – 100 ml (3,4 oz)