A brief history about of Team Metal Sounds

Passion, Integrity and Quality.

The Zenko is manufactured by the french company SAS Metal Sounds, created in October 2011. The Metal Sounds’ team is composed by 9 persons, including 4 associates:

  • Cédric Aimé (CEO)
  • Philippe Maignaut (Spacedrum manufacturing manager)
  • Marc Guilliou (Sales manager)
  • Elie Dacenko (Zenko manufacturing manager)
  • Julien Barker (Spacedrum manufacturing/tuning)
  • Moustafa Najmi (Zenko/Spacedrum manufacturing)
  • Gabriel Fournier (Zenko/Spacedrum manufacturing)
  • Rémi Chassagne (Zenko manufacturing)
  • Florence Marteau-Dulatier (accountant)

Our workshops are located in the South of France: one is near Avignon and a second one is near Montpellier. Our offices are located near Toulouse.

Zenko® Team Metal SoundsThe Zenko belongs to the family of steel tongue drums, also known as “tank drums” because this kind of instruments were first made out of propane tanks. Metal Sounds team has spent a lot of time and energy to create a finely crafted and reliable stainless steel tongue drum.

In addition to a high sound quality, we have created a unique hope and design, inspired by our handpan Spacedrum©, for our first steel tongue drum line. Design, efficiency and reliability are our three key words. Zenko is an original melodic percussion (steel tongue drum) made of a specific stainless steel alloy that protects it for life from the rust and helps to hold the tuning of the instrument thanks to its firmness.

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